Release [Beta]

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Enhancement/Bug Release.
24 March 2018

0000022: [New feature] Add tools support for Behat (te-admin)
0000039: [Improvement] Add Help Pages for PHP, Composer, etc to Wiki. (te-admin)
0000026: [New feature] Support ConEmu (te-admin)
0000038: [Bug] In Pickle portable, some machines can throw an error in the configuration loader. (te-admin)
0000037: [Improvement] Add support menu items to the help menu. (te-admin)
0000035: [Improvement] When executing a script, Allow the editing of a step in the step viewer (te-admin)
0000034: [Improvement] When executing a test script, show the next step in the step viewer. (te-admin)
0000036: [Improvement] When exporting a script to Excel, include the Pickle instruction comments (te-admin)

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