20 Sept 2020 – Notes

  • Fixed crash when no automation drivers are installed/available.


06 Sept 2020

Pickle Test Suite –

Released 21-Aug-2020

  • Extend access to system variables
  • Add case conversion support to automation support
  • Add driver support for MS Edge (Chromium) Browser
  • Browser execution not selecting correct browser from config
  • Behat states a feature file may include tags at scenario level
  • Multiline feature descriptions not supported Gherkin
  • Integrate with GItHub ticket manager Editor UI
  • Copy results as Jira Table Test Execution bug

See GitHub for more details.

Pickle Test Suite –

Improvements and Integration:

  • Integration with GitHub to all the reporting of bugs, etc.
  • Various Bug fixes.
Please ensure you uninstall any verison below first.

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