26 Jan 2020

For full details review the release here.

Bug Fix and release with many improvements including:

  • Selenium support for web automation
  • Reworked execution interface – low profile and responsive during execution
  • Default execution configs
  • Protect variable sin test output (passwords, etc)
  • Regular expressions can be applied to a variable (for assertion and extraction).
  • Load and save test reports.
  • Capture InnerText and InnerHTML
  • Bug Fixes

Pickle Test Suite –

Released 26-Jan-2020
0000185: [Improvement] Allow the use of a global script config file for a folder of scripts
0000184: [Bug] Stop execution does not work consistently
0000182: [Bug] Copy URL Function Not working in Execution Window
0000183: [Bug] Execution – Launch URL not working correctly

Pickle Test Suite –

Released 22-Dec-2019
private Beta
0000161: [Improvement] Add ability to save and load Test Reports within PIckle.
0000162: [Bug] Predefined variables (#define) does not work if the data contains an “=” (
0000163: [Bug] Crash when loading report after execution
0000164: [Bug] Bug report not reporting correct version data
0000165: [Bug] Chrome 76 and above driver fails to execute
0000167: [Improvement] Automation Statement – Support recording of InnerText
0000168: [Improvement] Automation Statement – Record InnerHTML
0000169: [Improvement] Add discord options to menu
0000172: [Improvement] Assertion: Validate variable matches (RegExp)
0000174: [Improvement] Enable/Disable [Protected] functionality to allow debugging
0000171: [Improvement] Extract partial text from any variable (RegEx)
0000173: [Improvement] Hide Variables via statement “[protected]”

Please ensure you uninstall any verison below first.

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