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Bug and feature Release.


07 April 2019

0000095: [New feature] Validate a test plan
0000094: [New feature] Ability to define test plans
0000096: [New feature] Modify execution process to support multiple test script execution.
0000097: [Bug] Editor keyboard lag


Released 21-Apr-2019

0000110: [Improvement] Support Portable x86 and x64 launching. (te-admin)
0000107: [Improvement] Add capability to support browser tabs (te-admin)
0000109: [Improvement] Display Release Notes (te-admin)
0000106: [Bug] Generating Dynamic Integers fails when 5 digits or above (te-admin)
0000105: [Improvement] Change Installer to support dedicated x86 and x64 distributions. (te-admin)
0000104: [Improvement] Improve Error Output (te-admin)
0000102: [Bug] System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException (te-admin)
0000101: [Bug] Variables not matching correctly (te-admin)
0000103: [Bug] Ability to save and run not working correctly if file opened via explorer (te-admin)
0000100: [Bug] Title Bar not Showing current file and applicaiton title. (te-admin)

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