Pickle Test Suite fully supports the manual execution of gherkin test scripts. This function can be used to:

  • Manually execute scripts.
  • Manually execute automated scripts for testing and debugging.

The test executor has a number of key features:

  • Compilation of gherkin scripts.
  • Support for test execution input statements.
  • Custom execution using tag-based filters.
  • Generation of Excel format manual execution scripts for distribution outside of Pickle TS.
  • Execution of scripts using the script execution overlay tool.  This includes:
    • Dock execution overlay at top and bottom of a screen (multiple monitors supported).
    • Recording of test step results (including comments – with spell checker).
    • Script helpers (launch URL’s, copy data).
  • Automatically creates a test tree and report and allows for it to be exported and copied in many formats.

Syntax Checking

The syntax of any gherkin script can be checked at the click of a button. If errors are found, they will be displayed within the editor window.

ScreenShot: Syntax Validation

Test Execution

A valid gherkin script can be manually executed in use the test execution interface. When the test executes, the script is compiled into unique test cases, taking into account any background steps and outline scenarios and their examples.

ScreenShot: Execution Parameters

The screen above can be used to configure the test cycle being executed. This includes editing the description of the cycle and selecting the test cases to include via Gherkin tags.

ScreenShot: Execution Dialogue

Once started, the execution bar will be docked to the top of the screen the editor is placed within. It can be docked to the top or bottom of the screen during execution.

ScreenShot: Execution Bar

The bar displays the progress (scripts/Scenarios/steps) and estimates the progress as a percentage. The current step being executed is displayed.

The “x” button can be used to cancel the tests.  If chosen, the test will be cancelled after the current step has completed.

If a test step need manual intervention, the test execution dialogue will be shown,

ScreenShot: Manual execution Dialogue

You can indicate that a test step has passed, failed or skipped (the latter two needing a comment). You can also edit any step in the current scenario has already been executed.

The pass/fail of the test case (scenario) is automatically calculated based upon the results of the steps (if any fail then the test case fails).

Test and Defect Report

After the execution of all the steps, a report window is shown. The report has two pages, the first containing a chart and summary and the second a rich text report that can be copied directly.

ScreenShot: Report Summary

ScreenShot: HTML Report

The report can also be exported in the following formats

  • Excel 2013 Workbook
  • Excel 2007 Work Book
  • CSV Format
  • XML (MS Office) format
  • HTML Format
  • PDF Format
  • Rich Text (RTF) format
  • MS Word (DOCX) format

The report can a be copied in the following formats

  • Text
  • Markdown
  • JIra Markup
  • Got Markup
  • Rich Text (RTF) format
  • HTML

ScreenShot: Excel Report (Summary)

ScreenShot: Excel Report (Test Cases)

ScreenShot: Excel Report (Test Steps)

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