Used by 200 testers and executed over 11928 test scripts.  Thank you for trusting us with your testing!

Pickle Test Suite is a dedicated gherkin test execution and management suite. It is a single tool providing manual, semi-automatic and automated test execution.  You can even have a hybrid tets script that uses all three!

It provides a full Gherkin editor and test plan management tool for Microsoft Windows. It provides automation of test data, browsers (via selenium) and support for executing Behat tets scripts.

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Pickle TS is designed to allow the management of both manual tests and automated test projects. It includes the following features:

Project Support  Manage a folder as a project and remembers the editing environment.
Test Plan Support  Define a test plan with multiple execution paths based on logic. Supports manual execution (with shared dynamic data). Behat and command line support to follow.
File Management   Delete, Rename, Copy
Project Type detection   Behat, Pickle, Mink, Selenium, SeWinium
Template Project Creation   Pickle, Behat, Mink & Selenium, SeWinium.
 File Editor Support   Gherkin, PHP, YML, JSON, HTML, text.
 Template File Support   All file formats.
Compilation of Gherkin Scripts  Execution and syntax validation.
Manual Test Execution  Includes filtering for test case selection.
Integrates test step feedback  Pass/Fail/Issues with feedback.
Test Execution helpers  Preview future steps and copy data/launch links.
Export test cases for external execution.  Excel Workbook
Test Execution Reporting  On-Screen results tree.

 On-Screen rich text report.

Copy the report in multiple formats (RTF, Text, Jira, etc)

 Save the report in many formats (Excel, Word, PDF, Text. CSV, etc)

Integrated spell checking  Multiple languages supported.
Support for cost snippets.  Gherkin. Preloaded with behat and mink statements.
Manual Execution instructions Support  Scripts can contain instructions for manual execution (supplementary to test step).
ANSI console support Built-in integration for conEmu. Supporting ANSI (coloured) console output form Behat, Composer, etc.
Behat and Composer support Component Checker and support for composer and behat commands.
Dynamic Test Data Custom gherkin statement for the generation and entry of data that can be shared within scenarios and across scripts (test plans).
Selenium support Local desktop selenium support for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge.  Yes, you can automate your browser directly in Pickle!

Extend your gherkin statements via JavaScript!

Semi-automation testing support A single scenario can have dynamic data, selenium automation and manual steps!

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