Pickle TS Release

We’ve released a few bug fixes and improvements: Bug Fix and improvements including: New statements to recover element text Fixed issues with crhme driver Fixed pre-defined variable bug Fixed report crash caused by variable data. Access to discord. See here for more information.

We are on Discord! Live News and Chat.

We’ve created our own discord server to allow our users to chat about Pickle. We hope this will be an active community discussing and helping each other! Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/x6nZc6a Discord Channel: https://discordapp.com/channels/622685541946621962/622689895345029140 Come and join us!  

Pickle Released. Web automation is Here!

It has been a while since I released the last version.  I’ve been busy improving pickle and it now includes native integration with Selenium! What does this mean? You can now automate tests using standard selenium drivers (Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge supported). To make it even better you can combine dynamic data, automation and

Pickle Released

This release fixes one small issue and introduces the concept of calculated variables. Pickle now supports data input and generation at the time of execution. It supports: Genrrate an e-mail address. Store a string into a value. Store a number into a value. Store current time and date. Perform mathematical calculations. See this article for

Pickle Released

This release fixes two small issue and brings significantly enhanced functionality to test execution. Pickle now supports data input and generation at the time of execution. It supports: Generate unique ID’s Select data for a list of options. Select a date in a range. Select a number in a range. Capture imput from the tester.

Pickle Released

This release fixes two small text issue and bring enhanced functionality to the editor and behat compiler. The gherkin validation now have a visual studio like the tabbed output Validation has been enhanced to include table structure, string structure and variable validation. Intellisense now supports the progressive selection of best statement instead of the 1st word only. Themes enhancements Compiler inline

Pickle Released

A new update to Pickle Test Suite has been released. The improvements include: Support for ANIS console Support for Behat and Composer commands Ability to edit manually executing test steps during the execution process. Example of the console: Read more here.