Pickle TS

Includes release Release 21 May 2022 Update Documentation for Release #88 Rebuild and Validate Installer (from Patching) (Installer) #86 Add command line execution support (Test Script) (Browser Automation Command Line Tools documentation Gherkin Idea Selenium Test Execution Test Plans) #41 Add support for #execute: gherkin script embedding (Gherkin) #87 Open script from test plan (enhancement Test Plans) #90 Test Plans not

Pickle TS

Release 18 Sept 2021 Create a screenshot when step fails Add statements to capture screen shots Add ability to capture file and screen shot evidence in manual test runs. Improve plugins detection to scan subfolders See release notes for 1.17.0.x

Pickle TS Intro

I’ve been working hard to start to produce videos to support the use of PIckle Test Studio and Web automation in general.  Here’s the first video.

Pickle TS Release

Includes: Create a mechanism for encrypting text and then using it securely in scripts Add selenium command to navigate browser windows Expose raw selenium driver access in language plugins Refactor Plugin Code and Add the ability to have pre/post execution plugins See release notes

How to: How do I Maximise the browser?

You can configure an automation session to automatically maximise the browser window using the execution configuration sceen. It is also possible to configure it as the default through the execution config file. See https://te-wiki.marescal.co.uk/doku.php?id=wiki:pickle:sautomconfig#configuration_parameters.

Pickle TS Release

This release amalgamates Release 1.13 & 1.14. 06 September 2020 Bug Fix and improvements including: Support for MS Edge (chrome) Github integration – for support Support for chnaging field text case. File Managment Support Ability to bypass failures.

We’ve moved home

As part of a reshuffle of our sites, we’ve mover to https://thinkingengine.marescal.co.uk/. Why? we are trying to consolidate our sites and make them easier to manage. It also allowed us to make the site more secure you you to use (implementing HTTPS). What does this mean for me? The great news is nothing.  All the