How to: How do I Maximise the browser?

You can configure an automation session to automatically maximise the browser window using the execution configuration sceen. It is also possible to configure it as the default through the execution config file. See

Pickle TS Release

This release amalgamates Release 1.13 & 1.14. 06 September 2020 Bug Fix and improvements including: Support for MS Edge (chrome) Github integration – for support Support for chnaging field text case. File Managment Support Ability to bypass failures.

We’ve moved home

As part of a reshuffle of our sites, we’ve mover to Why? we are trying to consolidate our sites and make them easier to manage. It also allowed us to make the site more secure you you to use (implementing HTTPS). What does this mean for me? The great news is nothing.  All the

Pickle TS Release

We’ve released a few bug fixes and improvements: Bug Fix and improvements including: Selenium support for web automation Reworked execution interface – low profile and responsive during execution Default execution configs Protect variable sin test output (passwords, etc) Regular expressions can be applied to a variable (for assertion and extraction). Load and save test reports.

Pickle TS Release

We’ve released a few bug fixes and improvements: Bug Fix and improvements including: New statements to recover element text Fixed issues with crhme driver Fixed pre-defined variable bug Fixed report crash caused by variable data. Access to discord. See here for more information.

We are on Discord! Live News and Chat.

We’ve created our own discord server to allow our users to chat about Pickle. We hope this will be an active community discussing and helping each other! Discord Invite: Discord Channel: Come and join us!  

Pickle Released. Web automation is Here!

It has been a while since I released the last version.  I’ve been busy improving pickle and it now includes native integration with Selenium! What does this mean? You can now automate tests using standard selenium drivers (Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge supported). To make it even better you can combine dynamic data, automation and

Pickle Released

This release fixes one small issue and introduces the concept of calculated variables. Pickle now supports data input and generation at the time of execution. It supports: Genrrate an e-mail address. Store a string into a value. Store a number into a value. Store current time and date. Perform mathematical calculations. See this article for